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Providing you the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHY WHEN and HOW of xOuTUS.

GET LISTED and share your list of great MERCHANTS.  We must start sharing list.  Also, regarding all this great BLACK on BLACK BUYS... remember, as long as the MERCHANT you are spending money with is also spending money on our kind, we can make mistakes and even fall on our face, but the $$$ will stay in our community which, makes it easier for us to regain footing, get better informed and simply start over--- EVEN BETTER.

They is no issue with how money is used if it's spent in the community. When we support our own communities, even our falls empower our own.  All Failures provide information on what to do or not to do.  Again, How You Spend it... (You know the rest, right?)

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Help Wanted Site Reviews, CLICK HERE:
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I'll keep watching. This sounds promising

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