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12 Tips to Increase Your Bank Balance
A short book which explains some useful tips regarding your savings. Examples which are used in this..
Alamat Ng Bulkang Mayon: Tagalog Vocabulary
A legend that tells how a famous Mayon Volcano originated. There is an English translation after eac..
Alamat Ng Mariang Makiling: A Tagalog Vocabulary
Learning Tagalog and Filipino is always fun if you willl also know about cultures and tradition of t..
Anna the Human
The Puricans are a savage race whose main source of food are the humans but they are running out of ..
Best 100 Ebooks  for Online Marketing
Here is a collection of best 100 ebooks for Online marketing and Business management.  The good..
Cebuano / Bisayan Book 1
Cebuano and Bisayan book1 is an introductory book for learners. The 31 lessons will give you much le..
Guidelines for Writing a Paper
A research paper guidelines includes commonly used phrases for writing a paper for publication...
How to attract customers with Pinterest
Pinterest can help drive qualified traffic to your website with an on-going visual strategy. Learn h..
How to attract customers with Twitter
  Twitter is a powerful social media platform for connecting with your target audience. Unders..
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