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Samsung Tab 10.1


General information:

  • Can I change my username/seller name once I've made my account?:   No, we don't offer any changes in seller or usernames, strictly to keep from anyone getting confused about who they are buying from, so please be careful when you're choosing a name for yourself.
  • How are payments done?: All payments are done through Paypal.


  • Why do I have to make an account before purchasing?:  Ever accidentally delete a file? It happens some times and if it happens to something you've downloaded, you can log into your account, check your downloads and just download the file again; crisis averted.

  • Where do I find my downloads?: Go you 'My Account' and under where it says 'My Orders' you will find the link to your downloads.

Seller information:

  • How much do I get paid selling through this store?: We take 10% of every sale, and we pay out the money to you. When we pay out there is a small transaction fee from Paypal (2-3% + $0.30), and the rest of the money is all yours.


  • When will I get paid if I use xOutus?: The 15th of every month is our payout day, and all payouts are done through Paypal.


  • What if I need my money before that?: As a seller, we allow for payout requests to be made once you have a cartain amount of money available for your account. Right now, you can request a payout once you have $100.00 available for your payout.


  • I tried to set an item to sell an item for $3.00, but it didn't work!: Right now we have it set up so that any item that is added to the store after our change to the new xOutus store, can only be added if it's $5.00 or more, items before they change can maintain their original price. That being said, we do support Free items, so any free to download items you want to put up, feel free to do so.


  • Free items? Is there a charge for putting up a Free to download item?: No, we don't charge for any free items that you put up for download, the only time we will charge you is when a sale on a priced item is made. So feel free to upload game demos that you want to direct people to ans things like that with us.
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